Mapping Solihull

Group of people working on coloured papers and maps

Solihull is a very diverse area, and even those of us who have lived and worked there for many years can’t claim to know everything there is to know about it.

We needed to improve our understanding and learn from each other, so we used our September Team Meeting to literally build maps of Solihull.  It involved lots of paper, cardboard, post-it notes …. as well as lots of biscuits and a banana.  However we managed to go from this ….

To this …

A group of six people standing around a table, one making notes, various papers on the table.    Photo of four people at a table leaning in to look at a large sheet of paper with post it notes.               Photo of five people working on a large piece of paper

to this …

Photo of a large piece of paper with hand drawn map and post it notes.

And when it’s all written up, we will be on our way to being able to plan how to recruit people to take part in our research.  Our shared understanding will also help us to analyse and report our findings.