Getting started with our co-researchers

In July 2017, we spent 2 days together, finding out about the research project, and getting to know each other.

Photo of people talking around a table.

Here’s some of the feedback our co-researchers gave:

We enjoyed  ourselves:

“We were teamed off with a partner we did not know, and obviously got to know”

“I loved listening to other team members’ point of view and design interpretation. So much input.”

We were productive:

“The mini case-studies helped convey the methodology and issues of data/information collection.”

“Looking at poster design and topic prompts highlighted the problems and identified useful approaches to finding older people to participate in the research””

“Preparing flyers and information leaflets were useful tasks, highlighting different skills of the group”

By coming together, we can achieve more than we can on our own:

“I loved the interaction with other team members”

“We all contributed with different points for discussion”

“There was a super exchange of experiences, good listening and responding by all”

But there are things we can do better:

“We need to take better care of the practicalities: get a bigger room, give better directions”

“We need to give more time to designing the research tools”

“We need to provide more information on social care and Solihull Council policies”

“We need to make sure we ‘capture thoughts as going along – didn’t seem to be many notes being taken’”

It’s a first step, and we will take action to address the points raised in order to improve.  But it was a big first step, and we are on our way!