Pint of Science

Pint of Science is a worldwide science festival which brings researchers to the local pub/café/space to share research with the public.  During the 17th and 20th May Pint of Science broadcasted nearly 70 online shows from over 30 cities across the UK.  The University of Lincoln, facilitated by Dr Kay Ritchie and Dr Tessa Flack, participated in Pint of Science in 2021 with six presentations ranging from the Earth’s resources to Health and Care. Mo Ray presented findings from our research on behalf of the research team.

You can watch Mo’s presentation here:


‘Creative Reactions’ was an extension to Pint of Science which involved presenters working with Fine Arts students at the University to develop artwork inspired by the research.  Mo worked with Fine Arts undergraduate student, Naomi Jackson, who selected our project from a number that were available.  Naomi said that she chose this area because it was something that she ‘had not heard much about’ and that it had given her ‘an opportunity to respond to some meaningful and fascinating research’.  Naomi created a ‘zine’ by cultivating ‘short poetic snippets’ from the real-life experience of self-funders. Naomi was also inspired, she said, to create a painting which ‘illustrates the complex intertwining of life at all stages, in the care sector, and how its effects are significant for all, not just those who may be stereotypically assumed to need care’.

To view the zine and Naomi’s painting, go to: