Meet the team




At the University of Brighton we are working with a team of co-researchers that includes members who have worked with us on other projects for over twelve years.  They all bring a wealth of experience from their professional and personal lives and are committed to giving voice to the experiences of older people. Bunty, Francis, Jack, Martin, Peta and Ursula are involved in all aspects of the research from design to carrying out interviews and analysing data.



Dr Lizzie Ward is a Principal Research Fellow in the School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton.  Lizzie is a qualitative researcher and her interests include age and ageing, care ethics, participatory research and experiential knowledge, gender and feminist methodologies. She has developed her work community participatory research establishing collaborative research with community partners with a shared interest in ageing and issues affecting older people.  Read about Lizzie’s work…

   Dr Bea Gahagan is a Community Research Fellow at the University of Brighton.  Bea is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and has a DPhil focussed on human consciousness and nature.  She has spent 22 years developing and running services for older people and during the last 10 years, she has worked with her research colleagues to develop collaborative research work involving older people.

  Dr Phil Locke is a Research Fellow at the University of Brighton and her research interests focus on the lives of older people.  In particular the experience of receiving care and the impact that relationships with family, friends and carers have on older people’s perception, and experience, of care.  Read about Phil’s work…



The University of Lincoln site has a team of 10 co-researchers from across Lincolnshire: Dave, Kate, Lucie, Lissie, Mike, Nigel, Ruth, Sarah, Steve, and Tony. Our co researchers have varied and diverse backgrounds and each bring valuable skills and experiences to the project. To date, they have contributed to the design of the projects research materials, and helped to research and draft a report on the demographics of social care provision in Lincolnshire for older people.

Photo of Prof Mo Ray        Professor Mo Ray is Research Director for the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Lincoln and is responsible for supporting and developing the research culture and environment within the School.  She also has responsibility for fostering collaborations and partnerships within the wider University and health and social care community.  Read about Mo’s work…




Here at the University of Birmingham we are very lucky to be working with a team of eight co-researchers, all of whom have been or are volunteers with Age UK Solihull as well as having their own personal or family connections with social care. They are contributing to the study in a number of ways. They have helped us recruit and interview older people, carers and stakeholders; contributed to meetings; helped analyse some of the data, shaped our early findings; and taken part in Knowledge Exchange presentations. Their contributions are vital: they bring a dimension of personal experience to the study it would be hard to replicate, and their enthusiasm, commitment and generosity are inspiring.



   Dr Denise Tanner is a Senior Lecturer on BA and MA Social Work courses at the University of Birmingham.  Her areas of teaching and research interest include adult social work/social care policy and practice; social work with older people; social work skills; social perspectives of mental distress; and service user involvement in education and research. She has lead responsibility for Postgraduate Research students in the Department of Social Work and Social Care.

Read about Denise’s work...




Nick Le Mesurier is Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. He has worked as a researcher in the field of health and social care services for older people for over twenty years. His many projects include research into the mental health needs of older people in prison, the provision of community services to older people in rural areas, the experiences of older people in accessing emergency health care, and the role and value of community hospitals. He has also diversified from time to time into such topics as the gender glass ceiling in the procurement profession, and the business case for anaerobic digestion of organic food waste.