Our Approach

This study takes an innovative approach to researching self-funding through co-production with older people and knowledge exchange with key stakeholders.

Led by Dr Lizzie Ward at the University of Brighton it is a collaboration between academics, older people, practitioners and social care commissioners and providers in three research sites: Brighton & Hove, Solihull and Lincolnshire.

It aims to understand ethical dimensions of self-funded care by bringing older people’s lived experiences to the forefront and by seeking the views of informal carers and family members who are supporting older people, and those who commission and provide care services to get a complete picture of the current situation.

The key goals are to:

  • Understand older people’s experiences of self-funding.
  • Develop theoretical understanding of the ethical issues involved in self-funded care.
  • Engage with older people, practitioners, health and care services’ commissioners and providers to transform understanding of self-funded care and produce accessible outputs to impact policy and practice.