Getting started with our co-researchers


Image of people sitting at a large table.

Whilst some of our co-researchers have experience of collaborative research, we also have several volunteers who have no experience at all of research projects.  We have completed several research training sessions and will continue these as we move onto the different stages of the project.


In all of our co-researcher meetings we try to keep everyone up to date with the ‘behind the scenes’ progress of the project. In the early stages this has been the application for approval by the Social Care Research Ethics Committee.  Co-researchers in all the regional sites have all had an input in the design of the participant recruitment material that accompanied the ethics application.


Photo of people sitting around a table, papers and lunch on the table.An important part of collaborative research is getting to know each other and building relationships.  It can be difficult to find a time for meetings that suits everyone. 

A lunchtime meeting makes it easier for people to fit the meeting into their day as well as giving us the chance to have a chat and get to know each other.